Democratic Sensibility

This article appeared on the front page of The Vancouver Sun Wednesday, October 12, 2011, it opens with the following statement, “U.S. researchers warned Tuesday of an alarming link between vitamin E supplements and a 17-per-cent increased risk of prostate cancer, describing the findings as an “important public health concern”. With this study, supplements have now officially joined the ranks of hundres of thousands of synthesized and processed consumables on the market with known health risks.

So we’ve finally narrowed down the parameters for optimized nutrition to natural whole foods? Not quite. The other side of the equation is lack to freedom to consume one of the most important nutrient-dense foods available to us, i.e. natural non-pasteurized milk. This is the only form of milk with all of it’s inherent nutrients and enzymes intact as per proportions and combinations determined by evolution. Clearly we cannot fulfill our full potential for health without natural food. Without the free will choice to consume raw natural milk instead of cooked processed milk containing artificial supplements, the chances of minimizing our risk of cancer and other degenerative disease is diminshed. Does natural food really minimize the risk? Check this out.

While this is logical and reasonable to most of us as individuals, corporate bureaucracy has had another agenda altogether. How do we reconcile the massive contradiction that makes those products that actually can harm us readily available and legal, but not if something is naturally compatible with the human organism? Here’s a reduction to the ridiculous that may give some much needed perspective to the obscenity of criminalizing the availability of natural food. If all consumables are to be treated equally, then why not put a warning on all food including natural non-pasteurized milk, just like we do on cigarettes or any other hazardous substance.

“Warning: Regular Consumption of Natural Food may be Hazardous to your Health. All non-synthetic food (although even GMO synthetics) have the inherent characteristic of spoilage, handle with rubber gloves. Although nobody who’s ever dared to drink raw milk has died from it, and even more strangely attributed their family’s thriving health to it, be warned that we, the elite guardians of hapless consumers believe that, rightly or wrongly, the remote possibility exists that somebody, someday in the far away distant future, may get sick and subsequently die from its regular consumption even though it’s not poisonous, through their own negligence. Regular habitual consumption of non-pasteurized milk is at your own risk, and not to be sold to minors.”

If the only thing sacrosanct is the denial of the contradictions between the ideas construed by men and the reality of nature, then where has that left us? In a struggle to actualize truth in mind, heart and body against power without accountability. It’s becoming increasingly clear we won’t retain our inalienable right as free will beings to take care of our health and well-being according to the pre-established natural laws by which we’ve evolved, if we don’t succeed. What are you doing to make sure that those who need raw milk, who can only drink natural non-pasteurized milk, have the choice?


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