Steve Jobs Humanized Technology

Just as Mr. Kakehashi democratized music with digital interface Midi technology, and Meta Living Design is democratizing health fitness with body fit pHx* movement technology, Steve Jobs achieved the possibility of the democratization of communications with human compatible Apple computer technology. How did he do it? Accessibility, do-ability, and enjoyability are the keystones to serving the needs of the majority, that’s how Steve Jobs put Apple computers into our hands, literally.

I have to admit that I pre-judged Apple as representative of the effects technological speed has for increasing the sheer stress of obscurity, difficulty, and alienation from the very means that instead can allow us to survive and thrive as a human race. Rather than succumbing to the ego constructs of oppression/ enslavement, manipulation/ fragmentation, and depravity/ scarcity, or those elements that deconstruct society/ individuals as a fully functioning cohesive unit(y), during Steve Jobs astutely creative life, he accomplished the magical with computers that fulfill the needs of our body and psyche so precisely they’re now aesthetically pleasing, simple to use, with the possibility of being more private and secure.

Steve Jobs life’s work has given us the ability to keep abreast of technological change without enforcing mechanical machine-like behavior. Humanization of technology has made computers a thing of beauty to interact with, so enjoyable even children fall in love with them, and with the advent of iCloud we now have the possibility of completely securing our privacy, and protecting ourselves from every manner of marauding spy. Steve Jobs’ life has showed us what it means to be fully human.


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Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.

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