Cows Roam Free and Clear Home On the Range

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why dairy boards were so opposed to raw non-pasteurized natural milk. It’s been a staple for essential nutrients since time began, yet all of a sudden in the last few decades they’ve been hell bent on deeming raw milk unsafe and unhealthy. It just didn’t make sense… if milk is heated at a high enough temperature to kill bacteria supposedly prevalent, it also kills the enzymes, rendering dairy virtually indigestible to a large segment of lactose intolerant consumers.

Then it came to me… it’s not that natural milk is unhealthy; it’s because the practice of factory farming makes medicated cows, who never see the light of day, unhealthy. Cows can’t produce healthy milk if they don’t spend the day outdoors meandering in the pasture, grazing on green grass, breathing fresh air, and soaking up the sunshine as nature intended. Everybody knows that no living creature can stay healthy within the dis-ease of factory farm conditions. This milk therefore HAS TO BE PASTEURIZED. The only milk that’s healthy to drink raw is from grass-fed cows.

And that’s what the dairy boards never talk about because if word ever gets out it’ll put an end to the denial that factory farming is unsustainable. The most a farmer can tend to on their own, if they want to look after the animals humanely is thirty cows, according to Michael Schmidt who’s taken the issue of legalization of natural food to the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Can you imagine the number of people who could be engaged in self-sufficient sustainable work without compromising the integrity of our food, and the planet? Small operations mean big opportunities… e.g. clear Home On the Range dairy farm (which by the way also produces free range grass fed meat).

It’s been estimated the North Pole will melt down within the next couple of years… yet production of cattle primarily for their meat (which has to be digested by putrefacation in the gut) has remained a leading cause of greenhouse gases (by far surpassing car exhaust), and needs to be reduced drastically to reverse global warming, (something else we haven’t much liked to talk about).


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