Why Tiger Woods didn’t win the Masters

The point is NOT quite as Google Sports puts it,”…he didn’t win the Masters. But Tiger Woods run on Sunday showed, once again, why he’s still the biggest story in golf.” The point is my friend that losing the Masters by a inch is as good as a miss by a mile. Nobody plays to come in second, and Tiger Woods should have won it.

What did his run on Sunday show? That Tiger Woods still has the mental skill to win the Masters, but his physical ability was not up to par. His putting style is what gives Tiger Woods the edge, and that edge has been put into jeopardy because of his driving style. The micro-movement that gives him hundredth of a milli-meter adjustments in the wrist has been over-trained and over-strained. Tiger Woods didn’t have the coordination at the Masters he once had, and still could if his wrist micro-movement was trained at V02max…

It’s not widely understood why the small ‘putting’ muscles of the wrist can’t reach the same VO2max as the large ‘driving’ muscles in the arms even at maximum training heart rate. And that this can only be accomplished by a warm-up and cool down that can recover wrist elasticity by restoring full VO2max to the small muscles of the dexterity…  daily during training and especially during competition when stress tends to shut down circulation in the palms of the hands. Needless to say this requires a specialized protocol of wrist oxygenation that cannot be achieved simply with training the wrist harder. When the large long muscles of the shoulders and arms are hogging the power, the wrist needs more technique than exertion, more brains than braun.

Golf tip for the putt point …                                                                                                            “Where You Heard it First”


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