Integration or Fragmentation

“Lizard brain” pragmatism which dictates the knee-jerk reaction of fight or flight cannot take into consideration the whole cycle of a process, which is the domain of the higher centres of the brain. It’s the difference between an attitude of ‘divide and conquer’ vs ‘together we stand, divided we fall’. Only thoughtful consideration of the cause and effect reveals how fragmentation can produce dissolution and how integration of all the different parts can produce a resolution in line with far-reaching goals and aspirations.

That’s why fighting disease makes the body weak, while building health makes the body strong. Why splitting organism from environment with DNA derangement degrades the ecosystem, while respecting interdependence furthers sustainability. And why conducting business by cooperating internally within an organization takes a quantum leap over competition with external forces which cannot be controlled. I’m sure you can think of many more examples.

A recent one that comes to mind is the move at to fragment the body of an article itself by inserting unrelated advertising content against the best judge of reason and best interest of the author. Not withstanding the necessary cohesiveness of a creative piece of journalistic writing, the lack of intellectual continuity of thought with the audience makes it a self-defeating proposition. Despite plenty of non-infringing advertising real estate available on their web pages, without a unifying raison d’etre, the underlying connection between reader and writer has sadly been undermined as a result of  boundaries breached. And the layout is pretty deceitful too because sometimes the unrelated advertising shows up in the middle of the article and sometimes elsewhere. Google ads do it to, but only as text, not images (some bordering on the pornographic) which is even more invasive, and offensive.

And of course in my own field I’m constantly reminded of the fine line between the fragmenting aspects of exercise that impacts integration of the pre-established perfection of the human organism. Step too far on one side or the other and you’ll exacerbate sympathetic or parasympathetic overtraining, produce cortisol stress that promotes inflammation, and lactic acid buildup that compromises immune system resilience. A deliberate focus on developing techniques for balancing the complete adaptation/ recovery cycle results in pH fitness which accelerates metabolism, and neural/ endocrine balance which prevents deformation of cells and malfunction of organs.

Is the choice simply a matter of decision? That hasn’t been my experience; engagement of the conscious directive functions that can integrate processes require an input of energy, while the fragmentation of a cog mentality inevitably defaults to a myopic view.


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


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