Measurement Reduces Assumptions

Whether it’s Return On Investment (ROI) or Body Mass Index (BMI), measurement provides a comparison of the components of success for business to fitness. It’s what allows us to understand the relationship between our actions and our results. Of course graphs, charts and yardsticks aren’t everything, that”s why we also have observation and practical experience.

Being reasonable and informed helps us take care of business with a clarity, confidence, and creativity that syncs with reality. The point is, reducing assumptions that can otherwise accompany the ‘need to be right’, gives us the common ground for interacting on the basis of simple agreement rather than costly conflict.

Harvard School of Business associate Rita McGrath talks about the process of  acquiring the necessary knowledge as a willingness to suspend belief, risk failure, and try different things fast, cheap. and often – till gold emerges out of muddy waters. It gives us permission to listen to intuition and open the door when we hear opportunity knocking. “Plan to learn not plan to be right” McGrath points out in her interview.

However actions speak louder than words, and business knows how confidence without guts doesn’t necessarily add up to Will to Do. Harvard showed their true colours when they publicly admonished Steve Jobs’ strength of character based on biography recently, much to the chagrin of biography author, Walter Isaacson who said Jobs was nothing  like they perceived through the Harvard lens. As Seth Godin put it, Harvard grads may have confidence, but they don’t have what it takes to follow through on risk. They may do the research but they’re not willing to gain the experience by putting themselves on the line.

You can’t ignore will power as the primary root of business. Sometimes, there’s no established way, no other means, no resources; inner will is the only way. That’s where Meta Living Design comes in, What makes Metawork different? It’s a company that provides measureable tools to develop the guts, heart, and brain power for business (not as usual). This takes a logical method with the speed to match the realities of technological pace for sustainable success, to sustain reason, to Ignite Passion consistently. When compared to other methods the difference is that Metawork is explainable and understandable, not just experiential; but it’s that too…


Currently Body’Fit pH Fitness™ (short form… pHx™) isn’t available to the general public, please contact Meta Living Design for details.


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