How well does Jean Design fit your Genes?

The year 2011 marks the beginning of a trend to build internal strength for adaption – within our communities, our businesses, our relationships, even our own body and mind (whereas previously we’ve relied on adaptation to build strength). Full recovery from a split economy to the mind/body split depends on it.

This is my prediction. It’s a subtle but significant difference, and it’s not about how far we can push ourselves to meet externally construed demands. As internal integration starts to be recognized as the alpha and omega that necessarily precedes externally focused competition, more sophisticated cooperation with the needs of the lynchpin, will emerge.

It’s much like the development of technique that enhances naturally endowed homegrown talent. It’s like what happened in Italy, where craftspeople who had honed their art to the height of fashion over many centuries were discarded for the sake of a shallow outsourced outcome. There was a certain point at which it crippled their income as a nation, and the return to the centre became inevitable.

It was supposed to be a gift but I just had to keep it. I’d purchased a pair of thousand dollar Italian jeans at Sasso for a quarter of the price. How’s that possible? That’s the question I asked the proprietor, and he told me an interesting story of creativity rising out of the ashes. When manufacturing moved out of Italy, the craftspeople didn’t go away. They had to do something, and they did what they know – real art for real people.

And boy, is Italian-made the quintessential jean. Wow they move the way you move. Americans may have invented jeans but the Italians have perfected them. You’ve never lived till you’ve lived in a pair of jeans that fits every nuance of your soul, that holds the shape of your body with intention. Every detail of construction is absolute magic, it cannot be replaced or duplicated without history, without every element ‘made in Italy’ (no cheap radioactive metal here). Only a work of art can match our genes for an experience of perfection. This is the coming trend in business health – personal wellness.

How do we nourish rather than over-stimulate? How do we drive resources into the deep organs upon which our health depends, the lynchpin foundational to wealth upon which we all stand? What balances the conflict between adaptation & recovery, between Wall Street money games & means of exchange, between mind & body? In two words “inspired creativity”. This is what puts muscle behind the internal needs of our communities, our businesses, our relationships, our body, in order to achieve health, wealth, and strength with greatest economy. Health (of ourselves & the planet) as the pre-established source of wealth, is free.

Look for the science at the deepest level of biochemical harmony before asking the body to adapt to the stress that imbalances body pH (complete brain/ body integration isn’t possible without acid base equilibrium). Inspiration (literally breath of life) when engineered for fast restoration of pH fitness is a pre-requisite to health. No inspiration, no ambition. Seek that which matches our pre-established pattern with impeccable detail as timeless living art.


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