Why pHx, What, When, How, and Where

Meta Living Design is often asked why do pHx™, what does it look like, how is it different, when to do it, and finally the details of how to learn it and where to practice it. Well the reason why is simple really, here’s a glimpse.

Strength and endurance conditioning has been developed upon the simple principle of Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (SAID). All living creatures in nature stay strong based on this same principle. What’s different about human beings is our minds, it’s how we can ensure our survival, but only if we figure out how to restore the connection between mind and body fast whenever needed.

Acid base equilibrium is required for all cells to fire at capacity, and the pHx sequence functions to normalize body pH to achieve Peak Metabolic Potential without stress (stress of any kind will acidify the body). Don’t get me wrong, this is okay for basic SAID conditioning, but not enough for who we are as human beings. Fortunately with our contemporary scientific knowledge we are capable of designing exercise based on the principle of pH fitness.

This is where pHx comes in. It’s simple yet scientific, matching our physiologic complexity with anatomical perfection for ease and speed. It’s performed as a quick cardio-vascular warm-up at regular speed, a muscle-conditioning workout at a faster speed, and cool-down at a slower speed. When heart rate is spiked without oxygen debt at all degrees of performance while providing a dynamic stretch through natural range of motion of the entire musculature utilizing multi-planar multi-joint movements executed from a stabilized core, the sequence-specific series is designed to balance the neural-endocrine, circulatory, and musculo-skeletal systems under conditions of biochemical balance, integrating mind and body.

As a cool down pHx works to balance V02max in both small and large muscles. And perhaps more importantly the unique routine restores rapid homeostasis specifically to each of the systems of the body under conditions of acid base equilibrium (no hyperventilation at any degree of intensity). With the restoration of biochemical balance, the acceleration of metabolism beyond what’s normal for exercise, provides an advancement for recovery and adaptation dramatically improving conditioning, weight loss, and cellular regeneration.

As a workout it awakens the five anatomical groups of organs and glands in the order they normally wake up. But it does so in 5 to 15 minutes rather than the three hours it takes otherwise. So performance of pHx first thing in the morning drastically facilitates how fast we can completely wake up and focus ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally for long hours of concentration without back pain or fatigue (at any age). Plus you don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t have time to get to the gym today, pHx easily meets your exercise requirement.

For details on What, When, How, and Where you’re invited to BodyFitLife.com


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