If static stretching doesn’t work, what does?

Doing my program this morning I noticed the comforting warmth that  spreads through my whole body releasing all the muscles as soon as I begin the sequence of exercises, and which leaves me with the feeling of resilience, and having stretched inside and out. It lead me to think about what was happening.

What would elicit such a wonderful feeling of supple elasticity during exercise without huffing and puffing or getting tired and overheated, or doing any static stretching beforehand? My heart rate and metabolism were going up, that was one thing, but then it does so with any other cardiovascular warm-up. What was the difference?

There’s two distinct groups of muscles that make two types of body movements. The large muscles, the muscles of strength that reach for things, and the small muscles close to the bone that repel and push things away. A balanced combination of these two muscle groups gives flexibility (capable of bending without injury). If one group of muscles dominates the other, the body is weak and inelastic. (e.g. Tiger Woods developed problems when the putting muscles of dexterity became imbalanced with the large driving muscles). Elasticity is is the midpoint between a body that is musclebound and one that has atrophied due to insufficient exercise. The dictionary defines elasticity as the ability of a muscle to stretch and  quickly recover its shape and size.

Doing a program that includes all the movements necessary for a complete kinaesthetic expression of the body in 5 to 15 minutes gives the greatest economy. How does the pHx™ program achieve flexibility through ROM and balance VO2max in both muscle groups at Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP™). The specialized pHx DynaStretch technique achieves both an isotonic and isometric stretch of all muscle groups. For example, the Transverse Abdominal (TVA) is a very important stabilizer of the low-back. It is the deepest of the abdominal muscles and the only one that runs horizontal. It activates prior to the muscles of the hips and thorax. The TVA is required for all integrated movements. If the TVA is weak it will allow bulging of the anterior abdominal wall increasing lordosis in the low-back and will also create a lateral bulge in (forward bending) or extension (back bending). For this reason all the exercises in the Body’Fit pH Fitness series begin by engaging the TVA isometrically n the correct foot position and body posture.

T0 fulfill the pre-requisite of muscle balance with weight bearing pull ups an body weight press downs for core efficacy, exercise needs to be designed with no competition for oxygen between large and small muscles or between deep organs. It’s necessary to open up the entire vascular network in the body, not just in the working muscles (so no huffing and puffing even though heart rate is at training levels). When all the tissues in the body, not just muscle tissue, become metabolically active for a higher overall BMR and MR there’s no overheating caused by deep vessel constriction. I especially like that there’s no metabolite build-up in muscles due to restoration of acid base equilibrium – resulting in faster conditioning, immune resilience, and easier weight loss. To find out more about why there’s almost no muscle soreness or stiffness after a long and vigorous muscle building session by including Body’Fit pHx™ with your sports specific warm-up cool down, google pH fitness…


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