Midpoint in 40-day Water Fast

I just came back from my usual 10+ km walk in the park  – with the sublime stillness of morning light releasing it’s fragrance of freedom (got wild weed photos). I started off on 6 ounces of Cabala fast juice, a glass of water, and a 10-minute round of pHx™. I experienced no desire to drink water during the walk, however I’ve had a couple litres of water since.

The thing about cell revitalization, rejuvenation, and regeneration is that, without detoxification, it can’t happen to the level of original completeness and perfection. Yet to push out the toxins and clean house before modelling according to our pre-established blueprint, detoxification requires that cellular metabolism reach its peak under conditions of pH balance… the dilemma solved by a synthesis of our collective traditional and contemporary knowledge that restores body pH to normal alkalinity, and reaches Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP™) in minutes.

Since acid base equilibrium is pre-requisite for optimal cellular function, compression of physiological response elicits an entirely new experience in pH fitness magnifying the detoxification of walking, running and working out. A singular sequence of movements, specific to these principles, needs to be performed as a warm-up immediately pre and post acidic exercise or sports for  regeneration to be more noticeable without a lot of time and effort.

In this context of exercise and fasting, it’s exciting that the pain in my solar plexus (immune system central) from aldehyde perfume poisoning (which gave me a reason to try out Don Tolman’s fast combined with the Body’Fit pH Fitness™  exercise (pHx) sequence) is subsiding faster than expected. If it’s possible to sustain our health without the weapons of war against disease, then I’m confident it’s also possible to lay down the weapons of war that threaten global survival. As we become self sufficient at conserving our own health with what nature freely provides with abundance, war, debt, and the ‘not so‘ fabulous become redundant.


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