Day 8 of 40-day Water Fast

To restore the body to it’s peak potential of completness and perfection, rigid adherence to the 40-day water fast may not be sufficient. Heightened body awareness, however, divulges it’s secrets.

After a herbal tea of tumeric spice on the evening of the 6th day, I experienced an upset stomach, I’d consummed a herb that had been tampered with. Sure enough it wasn’t organic and if it had crossed the US border it had likely been irradiated. I immediatly made a seaweed tea with cayenne and a little mineral salt appreciating it’s soothing detox. Miso had helped the Japanese survive an irradiated environment, so the next morning I went out for some. It was cool and I wore my half finger leather gloves.

The impact of my boot hitting a ridge in the sidewalk created a sudden forward velocity. Okay I’m falling, my body instinctively surrendering calmly; its entire length distributing the hard bang into cement. Not bad, except my head kept going. Boy, that was a hard hit, I thought, roll over to absorb the electro-magnetism of the soft earth. I pressed my temples between my hands, and vocalized. Internally focused I noted with some surprise the resilience and energy of my bones. I’m OK – years of daily pHx and work with neural lymphatic systems paid off. A gentleman came by when I bit the dust, and told me the bump on my eyebrow was dripping. It dripped for a minute cleaning any dirt out.

I walked with my forehead toward the sun, a half mile home. I dressed in natural fibers of wool, silk and cotton. A draught of miso tea brought up my salt levels. First I poured hydrogen peroxide on the bruise several times, then soaked in a rock salt bath, and iced to reduce swelling in my right knee, hip, and Zygomatic bone (which works like a car bumper). After some internal work, exercises to generate electrolyte flow, and pressing deep into bone all around the painful areas, any residual shock dissipated in the healing presence of my husband.  I awoke refreshed for pHx and a morning walk, the 80 percent of body energy required for digestion redirected into regeneration. 24 hours later, the pain, swelling and bruising have just about disappeared. I’ve learned if you let your body talk, it leads you to the truth of it’s volition. Economically, efficiently – marvelously.


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