Day 6 of 40-Day Water Fast

I’d been waiting. I knew the answer would come; I just didn’t know how, when, or in what form, exactly. If I wanted to live a long healthy life, at least as long as I have lived… whatever it was needed to be a potent, powerful remedy that would  come at the moment it was most needed, would be of the most benefit, and that I would have the fortitude of will to carry through.

Sure enough, both reason and remedy arrived as a package the week before. We had just discovered Tom Tolman’s 40-day fast, and had watched the Coco Chanel movie. On the strength of Coco’s immutable character I all of a sudden went out and for the first time in decades test sprayed a whole bunch of French perfume on my carotid artery.

Well that certainly gave me the motivation… I was flat on my back with intense pain from the chemical reaction. My husband who had met the inventor of this perfume and his family many years ago remembered after the fact that it was a natural flower essence bound to an aldehyde molecule. I had always been able to recover my original vitality and strength through pH fitness exercise and diet after experiencing a setback. This however was different.

It was time to do the water fast, starting immediately. I made the decision, and simply stopped eating and started drinking water… warm water, cold water, water infused with dandelion, camomile, or a pinch of Himalayan salt. Suddenly overcome by a desire to consume the beautiful rainbow of fruits and vegetables before me, the waning pain in my bowel held me steady on course. We had a social function, a barbecue, to attend which thankfully distracted me somewhat – and also built up my resistance to temptation. Now on day 6 my cravings are all but gone, and my energy has returned. Onward and upward.


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1 thought on “Day 6 of 40-Day Water Fast

  1. Hello Health Quizz,

    I am on Day 6 of my 14 day water fast!!! Today I am feeling different emotions, but determined to reach my goal. Then onto raw foods.

    Good to know someone else out there is on the same path:)

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