Reflex Reaction Measures Focus

Body'Fit pH Fitness™ exercise

Exercise Fast

Physical and mental exertion may provide a reason to get focused earlier, however as a sole measure of focus it doesn’t stand to reason. An objective assessment of focus needs to be measure-able physiologically. A good starting point is speed of reflex reaction time, kinaesthetic, metabolicand neural.

First thing in the morning may not be the best time to exercise afterall. Why? How fast the body can respond to stimuli depends on whether or not the musculo-skeletal system, the circulatory system, and central nervous system are fully integrated before work begins. It generally takes the body about three hours before it’s completely awake – one hour for kinesthetic wake up, one hour for metabolic wake up, and another hour for neural wake up.

Although many forms of exercise can stake their claim on focus to a certain degree, they usually do so at the expense of health if performed before musculoskeletal/ cardiovascular/ neuroendocrine systems are fully awake in the morning. It all comes down to exercise design. Only a warm-up cool down workout that equalizes rather causes total body muscle VO2max to vary, increases rather than decreases energy production in deep organs, and balances rather than imbalances sympathetic and parasympathetic neural systems, can accelerate wake up of focus safely without wasting time and energy.

Fast restoration of VO2max balance in all muscles optimizes the body kinesthetically. Fast oxygenation of all tissues optimizes energy systems at Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP). And fast stimulation of the five neuro-endocrine centres without pH acidification, in the natural order they normally awaken after a night’s sleep, produces the physiologic integration pre-requisite to preparing to concentrate without pain or fatigue over long hours. A rapid wake-up routine that meets this criteria for one-pointedness hones a faster reaction time in kinaesthetic, metabolic, and neural reflexes which Ignite Passion.

That’s  the best part, you don’t have to psyche yourself into being focused. In fact, spending just 7 to 14 minutes on faster wake-up first thing in the morning by working scientifically with the physical foundation, not only quickly gives noticeable improvement in general health and resilience to stress, it allows you to complete your workout and begin work earlier… have you tried it yet?


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