Russia’s Coaches Seek pHx

Russian Medal Standing

Russia's Olympic Training

Russian coaches need to try something different with their athletes, President Dmitry Medvedev acknowledged today. If the Soviet goal, he says, is to be “first always and everywhere” then their 11th place standing in the 2010 Winter Games was short of the mark. He goes on to say, ” We should give thought to how to reform the training of athletes. The athlete must be the focus of attention.”

Vancover-based pHx™ consulting firm spokesperson, Suzanna Aaring, points out that the United Russian Federation may be getting ahead of themselves. As they begin preparations for the Sochi Olympics in 2014, a coach as focused as the athlete is indispensable to a winning team, not only during sport training, but on Olympic day. Moreover, the quality of coach interaction with an athlete has the potential to make or break their performance seconds before an event. In this moment of truth words make little difference, no matter how encouraging, and in fact can become a distraction.

Physical, emotional, and mental prep on the part of the coach helps ensure their athlete steps up to the podium. This endeavour can’t be achieved easily within the constraints of Olympic protocol? True enough… at least not without a revolutionary training tool that compresses physical and mental readiness into minutes – a routine that can be performed anytime anywhere, as a warm-up immediately prior to a training run or actual games competition. Such design precision as embodied in the radical Body’Fit pH Fitness™ cardio warm-up (short form… pHx) provides a comprehensive exercise series that returns body pH to normal, fast, integrating IQ\ EQ\ PQ directly – without words.


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