Wrist-V02max Sports Dexterity

Prior to the emergence of Body’Fit pH Fitness™ exercise (short form… pHx™), numerous studies had shown that VO2max can be increased by working large muscles at an intensity that raises heart rate enough – to a level that achieves V02max for at least 20 minutes three to five times a week. Of course it wasn’t previously possible for small muscles, such as those in the wrist, to reach VO2max even at maximum heart rate.

The physical limitations that restrict the rate at which energy can be released aerobically are dependent upon:

• the chemical ability of the muscular cellular tissue system to use oxygen in breaking down fuels
• the combined ability of cardiovascular and pulmonary systems to transport the oxygen to the muscular tissue system

A study by Saltin B, Rowell LB. concluded that it is the delivery of oxygen to active tissues that is the major limiting factor to VO2max. A study by Gollnick PD et al. showed a weak relationship between the body’s ability to utilize the available oxygen and VO2max.

Understandably fatigue is a factor that must be carefully monitored to prevent overtraining. Therefore endurance training at a percentage of V02max is the route most coaches and athletes have chosen in the past.

It’s possible to radically improve on the rate at which energy can be released aerobically with:

•    rapid normalization of body pH (instead of hours, if not days) combined with oxygenation of muscles in order of greatest blood volume, optimizes the chemical ability of muscular cellular tissue system to use oxygen in breaking down fuels
•    the building of oxygen reserves in deep organs with specialized engineering of cardio vascular circulation in order of greatest blood volume combined with a ventilation/ perfusion (V/Q ratio) closer to a value of one (for greater respiratory efficiency).

With the proper breathing pattern and sequencing of movements, oxygen transport to both organ and muscle tissue is optimized for greater absorption in all the cells, rendering competition for oxygen unnecessary.

This ‘new paradigm’ advancement also now allows the accelerated training of small muscles of dexterity at VO2max, provided all necessary design elements are adhered to. To improve sports dexterity, it’s of paramount importance to perform the 24 exercises in the Body’FIt pHx series precisely as indicated otherwise pH chemistry will not be optimized to Peak Metabolic Potential™ (PMP™).


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