Open Letter to President

Dear President Barack Obama:

It is a principle that humanity must survive. Clean unadulterated food (translation: certified organically grown food) is the foundation of a healthy productive society. Fate has presented an opportunity for the Obama administration to not only make promises, but to make the choice which aligns with this principle.

If the USA is to become a leader in agriculture, we must see the phasing out of genetically and chemically altered crops. Burning these contaminated crops as a bio-fuel during the phase out period is an excellent way to protect the food chain. It will also ensure the world does not loose faith in the Obama administration.

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Optimal living, health and building wealth without compromising what defines us as human beings is your birthright. I’m always trying to figure out ways to make peoples' lives better. It is my zeal to accomplish this as CEO and Chief Continuity Officer as Meta Living Design. Meta Living Design gets to the point with over 30 new Moms to build wealth without compromise and create a business & couple experience they'll thrive in and love without wasting time; so they and their family can live a healthy, happy and successful; 100% pure toxin free life, and achieve complete clarification of consciousness and the ultimate best life possible.

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