Toxic Food Sulfur Source Uncovered

Victory! After weeks of investigation as a consumer, I believe I’ve finally uncovered where at least a portion of the sulfur toxicity in our food supply (and consequently our supplements) may have been coming from. It may be sulfuryl fluoride – a highly reactive toxic gas composed primarily of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and hydrofluoric acid (HF). Sulfur may not have been mixed with nitrogen fumigants directly and applied to produce unwittingly (as originally anticipated)… worse, it had been psychologically hidden behind a name similar to ECOFUME which belies it’s composition:  PROFUME (sounds like perfume).

Touted as the new industry standard for scouring physical premises, it’s been registered for use in food handling establishments (e.g. flour mills, food processing plants, pet food facilities, bakeries, all fumigation chambers and food storage warehouses, railcars, etc.). Subsequently sulfuryl fluoride has been spread around much more freely penetrating our food supply on a wide scale, including certified organically grown food (the Organic Standards will not become legal text in Canada till June 30th this year).

Sulfuryl fluoride came to be considered more environmentally friendly than it’s predecessors, however it’s just as deadly a poison when consumed by living organisms. Characteristics include:

  • Respiratory irritation initially.
  • Central nervous system depression and sometimes manic excitation.
  • Slowed movement, reduced awareness, slower speech and cognition.
  • Prolonged exposure can produce lung irritation, pulmonary edema,
  • Abdominal pain, and significant lung and kidney damage .
  • In theory it didn’t have an odor (except that I first caught a whiff of Sulfur contaminating our food supply through my conscious sense of taste and smell).

One bite of food with a little sulfuryl fluoride won’t hurt us, but a little sulfuric on every bite of food we take, most certainly will. Food products can become contaminated if they come into contact (comingled) with any surface treated with sulfuryl fluoride during transport, handling, storage or processing. Without clean unadulterated food we can’t think, not real-ly (we’re bio-electric bio-chemical beings); without thought, we’re on a collision course with extinction. Let’s clean up our food environments now.

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