Experience a New Exercise

How often do we mindlessly do the same thing day after day, night after night, weekend after weekend? Worse yet, how often do we justify our lack of action with “just following the norm” (translation “lowest common denominator”)? It takes a deliberate effort to do something different from the status quo of what our parents, or spouse, or whoever is doing. Thinking back on my life, the times when I felt most inspired and enriched are the times I that followed my heart, not the crowd. I’ve found experiencing something ‘new’ is the most powerful way to heal and bring my health and vitality back to it’s peak.

Self-actualization is perhaps best described as an exercise in new experience consciously chosen for wholistic health and rejuvenation. Without continual growth and improvement there’s stagnation and degeneration, isn’t there? If we do nothing, the quality of our life tends to default to it’s lowest level, and we lose time and energy. We all know it’s easy to get into that rut.

Re-creation rewards us with a ‘trouvaille’ at every turn, however it takes all of our courage, skill, and ingenuity to break from old patterns of behavior. It’s not without obstacles to be transcended and overcome so we can clear the way for right action relevant to a sustainable future according to our internal directive for a healthy mind and body. Next weekend when you find yourself, instead of leading, resigning to the same old, same old … ask yourself, “Is this really juicing my life?”

For help jumping the hurdles, choose to experience a new exercise (free trial for 30 days), refresh and renew in 5 to 15 minutes with pH fitness. Stretch inside and out, restore body pH to normal fast and turn lackadaisical carelessness into self-motivation.

Body’Fit pHx™ gets More Out of Exercise. It’s especially useful if during your workout you haven’t had time to balance VO2max equally in both small and large muscles, to stimulate each of the hormone and neural plexes in the 5 anatomical cavities in the proper sequence, or balance both vascular and lymphatic circulatory systems detoxing all tissues. Achieving sustainable pH balance this fast during exercise is not possible unless you exercise your penchant  for new experience.

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