Natural Wisdom of the Body

Hormone replacement, genome manipulation, synthetic amino acids… technology’s attempt to mimic nature falls far short of our body’s natural ability to heal itself.

This Video was taken on 22nd january 2009. It shows a Lady called Angie a Publican (Bar Owner) from Public house called “THE ROSE” based in Hull UK who suffered a pretty Damaging stroke leaving her left side quite un-usable… also affecting her speech. The man filming Angie is called John W. Green who has been perfecting a method for over 30 years that has helped many many Victims of a Stroke and various head trauma injuries! John had to give this method a name and called it “SHAK THERAPY” (shak is latin meaning of remedy).

This is an example of how the unique perfect pattern of our body can never be lost. The bio-electric field of any living organism remains intact even when the physical body is damaged. Even when a person looses a limb, an endocrine gland, or has a stroke which damages the neural system, the body has the ability to compensate for the loss if given the resources it needs.

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