Microwaving Nutrients: Health Risk

We were visiting with friends over a delicious array of tapas, when the conversation naturally turned to food and food preparation. On the topic of whether it’s better to cook food from the inside out (microwaving) or outside in (conventional cooking), one of the folks around the table said, with great authority, that all molecules respond the same way to all forms of heat.

Not when you take time to look at the facts. As www.healingdaily.com points out, and I paraphrase, it’s generally assumed that no chemical effects can be detectable in microwaved nutrients. However, histological studies with microwaved food have revealed that the molecular structures of nutrients are deformed by high-frequency reversal of polarity, even up to the point of destroying the cell walls, whereas in conventional cooking the cell structures remained intact because it’s source of heat is not based on the reversal of molecular polarity. All this agitation creates “molecular friction”, which heats up the food, however this unusual type of heating also causes substantial damage to the surrounding molecules, often forcefully deforming them or tearing them apart. It is this friction and heat which can destroy the fragile structure of vitamins and enzymes in the food. are forced to align themselves with the rapidly changing alternating electrical field. They oscillate around their axis in response to a reversal of the electric field which occurs billions of times per second. This oscillation is what creates considerable intermolecular friction which results in the generation of heat. Think of it as a blade of an electric circular saw.. cutting power increases with speed of rotation, especially at billions of rotations/sec. Guess what happens to anything that touches it?

Ultimately it’s a question of degree of nutrient damage, isn’t it, with raw food at one end of the gradient, microwaving and irradiation at the other end and cooking with slow low conventional heat inbetween. I have a feeling if I had asked my new acquaintance if he would feel the same about transfusion blood heated in a microwave, his response would have been quite different.

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