Dental Chair Without Root Canal Care

The surface appearance of our teeth is prized more than the substance of it’s living root. Would we amputate an arm or leg if there was even the slightest chance of saving it, infection or no infection? It’s not even a question, is it? Yet at the slightest risk of an infected root in our mouth we kill it with a root canal, no question. The physiology of the five anatomical cavities is separate and distinct, both in terms of function and structure. The requirements for homeostatic balance in the head for example are quite different than that of the abdomen or chest. The head is the anatomical cavity that enables our adaptation to our environment, the refinement of our empathetical capacity for knowing what to do and how to do it. Pretty important for maintaining self sufficiency, and just as important as our arms and legs. This all seems quite obvious, however unfortunately it’s also left on the surface with superficial lip service (if the living roots of the teeth are given even that much).

I recently visited the dentist after chipping a tooth which caused an old filling to fall out. Unfortunate, because I was unable to see a dentist for a week. My first intuition was, ‘don’t panic’… just take care of myself and take care of the tooth. I started dowsing it with an extract of goldenseal and cayenne which immediately took any twinge of tooth ache and warmed up the root. It also occurred to me that Himalayan Crystal Mineral salt would be effective in mineralizing, sanitizing, and keeping the root and what remained of the tooth healthy.

When I saw the dentist and he saw how close the cavity was to the root, he immediately recommended a crown, at a cost out of my pocket of over $900 (and that’s with dental plan coverage). I asked him what the other alternative was, and he told me that he could do a root canal and a large filling (which would reduce my cost to about $200), but that he’d never go to the extent of pulling the tooth. Fair enough, I had another week to think about it before the dental work could be done.

Good thing too, because I continued with good nutritional supplementation of Vitamin E, C, and B as well as Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae, Kelp, calcium magnesium, omega oil. and acidophilus. Along with rinsing my mouth with high mineral salt, the herbal extract applications, and regular massaging of my gums with a toothbrush… the living root was protected, though almost exposed. The most important thing that happened is that I had time to see another alternative that orthodox dentistry practice doesn’t even consider… i.e. saving the tooth outright. I mean really saving it with the living root intact, so that the tooth does not become brittle.

Well the good news is that the dentist agreed to save my tooth, but not to blame him if I got a tooth ache. It was entirely painless during the procedure and since I continued my nutritional protocol, painless afterwards. It cost me just $50. I must say, my living root is the best gift I’ve ever received.


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