Jekyll and Hyde Food Formaldehyde?

Warning: Formaldehyde is a toxic substance. The handling and preparation of solutions of formaldehyde should be carried out in a fume cupboard and skin contact with formaldehyde solutions or inhalation of formaldehyde vapour should be avoided.

I’m familiar with formaldeyde from my early days in the university cadaver lab. That was one of the main uses of formaldeyde back then, but as the chemical industry has gained weight (about a billion pounds a year) so has it’s need to eliminate the surplus. Even with the dangers of formaldeyde becoming increasingly known, food producers are coming under increasing sales pressure. By the way, have you checked the taste and smell of your olive oil and brewed vinagar lately? I have found several popular brands of even certified organic oils and apple cider vinagar to be sabotaged somewhere along the chain of supply.

It puzzles me how poisoning people with formaldeyde (disguised with many psuedo names, formalin, formic aldehyde, methylene oxide, oxamethane, paraform to name a few) can be justified under any circumstance. I don’t know which is more nauseating, making obscene amounts of money at the expense of the health of the general population or the actual formaldehyde in food. Ill health through slow poisoning and painful torture, but it’s still murder is it not? Unintentional? What do you think…

In the end living a lie, even one that you believe yourself, doesn’t meet our need for honor. Fame is avoided under such circumstance, certainly, except to fuel deception. How often have we seen the real nature of chemical and genetically modified synthetics cloaked in words like: advice you can trust – natural – bioidentical? Ever notice how synthetics companies weasel themselves in thru links to hide behind otherwise wholistic sites? Their specialty; recruiting well meaning unsuspecting people who are well connected in the community. Visit Organic Consumers for more corporate tactics. The industry has even formed a council to rectify their honour, saying their mission is, “To encourage accurate scientific evaluation of formaldehyde and formaldehyde-based materials and to communicate sound scientific information relating to the uses, benefits and sustainability of these products”. We’re looking at the back water of deceit and payola. But what else do the producers of formaldehyde have to count on? We all deserve financial independence, however quality of life requires four cardinal needs in equal proportion: wealth, honor, fame and influence.

Chilling isn’t it, perfecting the art of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde would be almost funny in light of this, if it wasn’t life threatening.


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