Health Convergence – Do Your Own Thinking

Balance Body pH and Restore Your Health – Acid vs Alkaline
is a link to an interesting website that understands the crucial importance of balancing the pH cells with an alkalizing diet. However, to increase the benefits of alkalizing foods and supplements, it’s necessary to perform daily exercise that drives the nutrients deep into the organs of the body. Otherwise the value of an alkalizing diet in pH balance is lost or worse, counteracted as soon as anaerobic exercise makes body pH acidic. While increasing human growth hormone levels (HGH) and building muscle, anaerobic exercise like most exercise unfortunately also reduces circulation to the viscera to below resting levels, actually speeding up aging in the long run.

Is your exercise program fulfilling the ultimate purpose of exercise? A solution is required that not only restores a healthy alkaline pH balance while raising HGH levels but also triggers all hormones in a sequence that increases circulation to the deep organs. If you’d like to avoid follow-the-leader superficial fixes, check out his website. Rather than decreasing circulation to the organs, it offers an exercise program that’s specifically designed to restore youthful agility and vitality, physiologically rejuvenating and revitilizing the body by returning body pH to normal alkalinity while equalizing VO2max in both large and small muscles. Do you have an extra 5-15 minutes a day to spare getting both your muscles and your pH in shape? Do your own thinking, it’s worth your health.

2 thoughts on “Health Convergence – Do Your Own Thinking

    • Great site… yes, our bodies love alkaline water and raw fresh alkaline foods. And exercise that alkalinizes the body is actually fun to do too. Here’s an interest Q&A on the subject of how diet and exercise can support our body pH.

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