“Artery Spasm” Angina Cure?

Prescription drugs for Angina may make your health worse, especially if the root cause has been mis-diagnosed. Usually it’s assumed that clogged arteries are the reason why oxygen gets cut off to your heart muscle when symptoms of radiating chest pain are experienced. That’s true most of the time. It could however be that the arteries in your heart are spasming up on you. 

If you get symptoms like cramping pain in your heart when you’re resting rather than after or during exercise or physical exertion, you could be dealing with a little known form of Angina called Prinzmetal’s which has a different cause and treatment. Fortunately there is a very simple nutritional remedy to help the arteries relax so your heart can enjoy plenty of oxygen.

Here’s your shopping list: Magnesium (a shortage causes artery spasm), Amino Acid L-Tarine (calms heart nerves by balancing electrolyes ie. minerals inside and outside the cells), Hawthorn herb (helps relax the smooth muscles in the arteries), and finally the nutrients Carnitine, Pantethine and CoQ10 (all essential in the metabolism of long chain fatty acids found in Omega Oils and prevent their accumulation in the heart muscle). Also add Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae blue-green algae, it has the highest amino acid content of any food.

Why opt for the natural solution? Well for one thing it will make your heart healthier and stronger, not weaker and more dependent. Nutritional remedies help build instead of stress the body. It’s the same for exercise, find at least one form of exercise that supports the heart rather always just doing workouts where the heart supports the exercise. Look for a body fit that’s more economical, efficient and effective way to achieve a happy heart in all respects.

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