Weather On Wings of a Butterfly

Weather on Wings of a Butterfly

The fluttering of a butterfly in Costa Rica can impact a storm off the coast of Africa. A very small movement can have a big influence if the pattern is perfect. A butterfly’s natural, seemingly whimsical, flight along just the right lines of a breeze as it buffets them to and fro contains all the intelligence that’s required to change the world in terms of weather.

Wisdom’s secret: you can leaverage very little effort if you intuite nature’s perfect line of action that determines health and balance. It’s the premise upon which a “Body’Fit Life” is built.

My purpose in identifying a comprehensive exercise routine that leverages the complex of physiologic variables into the most compressed time frame, without stress, was just that: to do the minimum and get the maximum. Another way to say it is that no matter how scientific a program is, unless all the physiology lines up during exercise, you won’t hit the jackpot. Bottom line is when I found the perfect pattern, I discovered that ease and speed of results is astonishing.

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