Respecting Boundaries Protocol

Boundaries are the lines that determine peace, harmony, and abundance. Protecting boundaries is the foundation of civilization. There’s never any need for violence if we take responsibility to ensure that our personal, social, and environmental boundaries are not violated. A great martial arts master is one who no one can touch unless the master does so for purposely for the sake of transmission of the art. This way they never actually ‘get into a fight’.

Boundaries are often transgressed as a matter of course. Personal space crossed by an unwanted touch, life balance upset by an over demanding employer, economical integrity undermined by improper distribution of wealth ( people who don’t give, getting), structural stability of food chain corrupted by genetic mutation, national autonomy suppressed by aggressive invasion… the list is long with examples permeating every aspect of life. The offender is often in a position of superiority, and the boundary unacknowleged or unrecognized.

Consequently the need to develop the skills that ward off an attack on boundaries without harming either party. This is the prinicple used in martial arts, and can be extended to becoming adept in vocal expression. Confronting the offender directly will cause a reaction that can escalate tensions. It’s necessary to ward off the reaction by asking a question that turns the responsibility of the action back to the offender.

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