Live Inside the Painting – Actualize!

The art of living is truly a function of the expression of who we are. And the degree to which we can express ourselves measures the fulfillment of our lives. It can run the gamut from painting a picture to bringing a child into the world.

Personally, I love to paint. And as much as I like to paint pictures, it’s really a way to play it safe, to hold life at arm’s length. I love to live within the painting whether it’s being bold and passionate about how I paint the walls and decorate my home or how I move and act in the world. Surrounding myself by creative original expression is to emerse myself in life… and that means the strength of spirit to take a risk.

And I’ve found that doesn’t happen just by chance, it requires the development of intentionality. When our intentionality is strong, we can express ourselves in a way that others hear us so we can accomplish the things we want. One of the easiest ways to achieve that I’ve found is this through integration of higher centers of the brain and nervous system with all the cells and tissues of the body. Body’Fit pH Fitness is the fruit of this lifelong goal to express myself.

I discovered I could recover my emotional balance by regulating the acid-base equilibrium of the blood by consciously performing movements with specific breathing exercises. When this balance is achieved our body and mind begin working together in unity. The psyche is the expression of the body at the same time that the body is the expression of the psyche. The breathing patterns in Body’Fit pH Fitness make the link between mind and body.

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Optimal living, health and building wealth without compromising what defines us as human beings is your birthright. I’m always trying to figure out ways to make peoples' lives better. It is my zeal to accomplish this as CEO and Chief Continuity Officer as Meta Living Design. Meta Living Design gets to the point with over 30 new Moms to build wealth without compromise and create a business & couple experience they'll thrive in and love without wasting time; so they and their family can live a healthy, happy and successful; 100% pure toxin free life, and achieve complete clarification of consciousness and the ultimate best life possible.

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