Synthetics – Reproductive Hazard?

Due to the widespread marketing and use of synthetic molecules in face creams, I predict a dramatic rise in birthing complications in the next 3 to 5 years.

And it’s completely unnecessary. Attempts to achieve anti-aging by artificial means like nano technology which isolates elements out of context of its whole plant source are sure to have side effects emerge sooner or later. Many of the amino peptides that are being developed alter the neural system in order to numb the muscles that make wrinkles appear. Obviously the nervous system is not isolated to the face, and anything that affects nerves on the surface of the body will also affect nerves to all the internal organs including the heart, lungs, brain and of course the reproductive system.

All the marketing says Now! It’s possible. Stronger healthier skin. It may seem puzzling; surgery and synthetics is afterall in direct contra-indication to real anti-aging. When big money is involved though, it almost begins to sound true.

The imposter can only wear the cloak of truth and mimic the words. Staying awake in its quake is the only answer to remembering who we are as whole unfragmented organisms… fruit born of earth.

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Optimal living, health and building wealth without compromising what defines us as human beings is your birthright. I’m always trying to figure out ways to make peoples' lives better. It is my zeal to accomplish this as CEO and Chief Continuity Officer as Meta Living Design. Meta Living Design gets to the point with over 30 new Moms to build wealth without compromise and create a business & couple experience they'll thrive in and love without wasting time; so they and their family can live a healthy, happy and successful; 100% pure toxin free life, and achieve complete clarification of consciousness and the ultimate best life possible.

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