Internally Knowing, “Who Am I”?

Knowing something precludes actually accomplishing a task. It takes tools too. Adequate resources. And will power. However ‘knowing’ consciously is the first step.

For example, knowing who you are, at the center, at the very core… is essential to staying positive. It’s pre-established, our being is naturally positive… until something throws us off course. Usually at a very young age with systematized social conditioning focused on external directives. When we are adults this manifests as being someone we’re not, whether from social pressure to be what others want us to be or as a result of the social conditioning we absorbed as children.

Nevertheless most of us stumble through somehow don’t we, because if we didn’t listen to our instincts at all, we wouldn’t survive. Instead of the crutch of social dogma, choosing to cultivate our natural inclination to refer to our own center of positivity builds a trust in our own internal knowing. Yet we tend to think of ‘know thyself’ as a pretty outrageous concept. Even more so the possibility of building and using tools for this purpose. Good for philosophers… who are generally thought of as being ‘out there’ and out of touch with reality, but not for regular folk.

I’ve discovered through 55 years of life experience the importance of knowing who am I becomes very obvious in situations where you are asked to be someone you’re not – by a spouse, co-worker, friend or perhaps an employer. For example if you’re asked to be less outgoing, friendly and happy (believe me it happens) than you naturally are, it’s going to take a lot more energy, and your health will suffer in the long run.

Without a doubt finding and using tools requires conscientious effort. And most of us are already working hard enough just keeping out head above water, right? Personally I believe it’s worth the effort to develop a strong sense of who I am in the face of demands that put my interests second.

I wouldn’t risk the evolution of my character to anything but the best, most precise, and immutable of tools. That as I said takes time and resources, whether you’re looking for the correct tools, developing and marketing the tools, or employing them in your daily life.

Sources and more in future blogs…

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