Recollections: Trusting the Process

Writing is a little like taking a leap of faith. You generally know what you want to say, but you don’t know how you’ll say it till the words are on the page. What you have to trust is the KNOWING.

Knowing is not like bits of information strung together to make a meaningful concept, it’s the concept that leads, not information. Assuming the concept is viable, then all the information falls into place. It may seem like I’m going off on a tangent (what does understanding ‘knowing” have to do with a body fit life?), but the fact is our body knows a lot more than we do. Probably more than all the information any computer can hold ever hold. Trying to substitute the natural renewal process with a piecemeal synthetic process is not only highly inefficient, it is also ineffective in terms of providing a lasting solution. That’s why trusting the wisdom of the body is such a prudent idea. But it does require meeting the real needs of the body. The best building blocks to construct the healthiest cells, together with the type of exercise that will distribute the resources equally to each and every cell as it does it’s part for the greater good. The reward… no more social side effects within the universe of the organism; the most complex of interactions and networks run smoothly and effectively.

It works in the physical realm, but also in the emotional and mental realms. Take for instance the different needs of two people in a couple – it seems impossible until you focus on the positive. Only the individual knows what they really need at any particular moment if they are in touch with their bodies, feelings and thoughts. Trusting the ‘knowing’ is the difficult part. It seems so much more secure to control, manipulate and manage each other – to try to replace natural ‘knowing’ with artifical solutions, doesn’t it.

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