Temperature Producing Toxins?

As much as the quality of ingredients determines the anti-aging health value of food, pivotal moments in the care of food occur during the cooking and cooling of food. If you’re already eating organic and including at least 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and are still experiencing bloating and poor digestion or other health problems… it could be the way you’re cooking and handling food.

For example, if rice or any cereal (including bread) is not cooled quickly after cooking, spores that cannot be destroyed by heat will produce toxins which the body has to deal with even if it doesn’t make us sick outright. Over time this can really overload your immune system. As can cooking food at too high a temperature. Yes, there’s another reason besides good taste to slow cook food or eat food raw as much as possible. And a bread maker is a must… how many bakeries refrigerate their bread within 2 hours of baking? Moisture, food and room temperature are the conditions in which bacteria thrive best. I freeze all my bread, and then toast it to dry it out as much as possible if taking a sandwich for lunch where I’m not going to be able to refrigerate it.

For fun tips on healthy eating… download the free Love To Eat Guide. mmm… I think I feel like a salad for lunch, lots of fresh organic mixed greens, cucumber sounds good, radish yes, and some of that avocado, Italian vinagrette with olive oil and balsamic vinagar. Now I’m hungry!

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