Alzheimer’s Disease in Animals?

In homeo sapiens only, yes. In animals lower on the evolutionary scale there’s no Alzheimer’s; there can be no mind/body split. Their body cannot function seperately from their brain as it can in a human being. Only humans have developed a brain that can function distinct from the body. That’s why we call it ‘mind’. In animals their consciousness functions through the body, and experiences through the body only.

Can you imagine an animal becoming indecisive in the face of danger because their body wants to escape but their brain doesn’t know what to do? Whereas stress can paralyze a human being totally. This conflict between mind and body is what produces most illnesses.

When our brain thinks we should be doing something different than what we’re doing right now, it produces emotional tension. Our normal experience in technological society causes tension and stress. Permanent internal conflict results in muscular tension.

One way to link the body and the mind is through emotional balance. I’ve found one of the best way’s to release emotional tension is with exercise that balances muscles as well as the pH of tissues. Specifically exercise that can regulate the acid-base equilibrium. To find out how to add this to your workout in minutes on a daily basis, go to 

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