Body’Fit Life Ensures Workout Health Fit

Feeling just a bit frustrated that your body doesn’t adapt to exercise as easily as it used to? Believe me you’re not alone. The group driving the trillion dollar health boom is aging, and as a baby boomer myself, I know I’m not willing to settle.

So our body can’t take the pounding it used to without complaint, that doesn’t mean that we can’t be just as agile and dynamic as we once were. On the contrary, every cell in our body is still capable of renewing itself as it did when we were younger. It simply requires a more sophistocated method of rejeuvenation than it did when our cellular inheritance was not yet depleted, and our body could detox quickly and easily without extra help.

The kind of  help that gets extra oxygen and nutrients into all the deep tissue of the body during exercise, not just into working muscle. As baby boomers we have tons of life fitness experience, and we have our favourite activities whether it’s indoors or out, hiking, trekking, walking, running, biking, or working the weight room at the gym with our personal trainer.

That’s where Body’Fit Life comes in; I’ve found the 7-14 minute whole body routine first thing after waking up makes sure it’s all good in terms of a health fit. Once every organ, gland, nerve and bone is saturated with all the raw materials it needs to cleanse and rebuild… results from your favorite workout activity, take a quantum jump. Getting the maximum, doing the minimum is a strategy that fits…

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