Acid vs Alkaline – Balance

Balance Body pH and Restore Your Health – Acid vs Alkaline, is an interesting website that it understands the crucial importance of pH balance in the body.

To increase the benefits of consuming alkaline foods that support the proper chemical balance in the body, it’s necessary to increase circulation to the deep organs. Otherwise the value of the pH balance is lost, especially during anaerobic exercise when muscles pull most of the blood out of the body. While increasing human growth hormone levels (HGH), anaerobic metabolism (which occurs within a couple of minutes during most exercise) unfortunately also reduces the circulation to many of the organs to below resting levels. Is your exercise program fulfilling the ultimate purpose of exercise?

Body’Fit Life is a very good website for finding more details on pH fitness. It also presents a solution… perform their pH fitness exercise program once daily in 7 to 14 minutes to restore alkaline balance fast in 5 to 15 minutes. Not only will it raise HGH levels but it will also balance the entire endocrine system by triggering all hormones in a sequence that increases circulation to the deep organs. Rather than speeding up aging by decreasing circulation to most of the organs and glands during exercise, it’s specifically designed to restore youthful agility and vitality for physiological rejuvenation of all muscles and organs. It’s beneficial for athletes and non-athletes alike, and becomes really obvious in later years.

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