Guys… (Un) Kiss-able Injected Lips

Kissing puffy inflated lip skin would take a strong stomach, I would imagine. You’d really have to love a person to accept them for what they (or their deformed lips in this case) “ain’t”. Especially when the emotion conveyed physically via sensation is altered by the lifeless silicone gel. That can’t be too appetizing. Not to mention the emotional manipulation of the unnatural shape of the lips.

Any manipulation can only fool you temporarily at best before the downward resolution surfaces. I can’t see a guy who really loves a girl wanting to impose that limitation to their relationship. Especially when adrenaline caused by any kind of stress will constrict blood vessels around the mouth speeding up signs of aging. Enough stress already!

The upward resolution solution? It’s tricky one, because the advertising media is incredibly adept at making women believe that there’s no doubt bigger is better and more attractive and flattering than who they are naturally – more responsive, more sensitive to every nuance of your kiss. The challenge is on… How can you tactfully tell her your real feelings?

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